Why Immersive Wellness

In July 2018 planning consent was given for the Europes first truly sustainable  resort were the focus is enhancing our guests physical, psychological and emotional well-being.



There are 4 main issues that effect the wellbeing and happiness of many European (EU) citizens, our aim is to help our clients address each of those issues using bespoke immersive programs. These issues are: Ageing - Weight - Respiratory illness & Urban Stress 

In just 12 years a quarter of the EU’s population will be aged over 60 with the majority having a life expectancy well in to their 80’s & 90’s. Whilst we can’t stop people from ageing our holistic programs can help them to manage the ageing process, ensuring that they look and feel younger for longer.


A key part of this is helping them to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, something not achieved by over 53% of EU Citizens and in particular the 22.6% of 45-74 year olds who are medically obese.   

Smoking, passive smoking and pollution combine to make respiratory illness one of the most debilitating in the EU, costing the EU Governments over €380 million each year. These conditions also dramatically affect a persons quality of life. Even here our wellness education programs can help.

With around 78% of EU Citizens now living in urban areas the rate of depression and other mental health issues has increased dramatically with proportionally twice as many town and city dwellers suffering from depression, anxiety, addictive and schizophrenic disorders as those living in quieter rural locations. Our tranquil private resort provides the perfect place to unwind and recharge.

The Clinic

Supporting the immersive wellness programs will be an ultra modern aesthetic clinic offering everything from hair and tattoo removal to the latest in intimate surgery.