Integrating Nature & Advanced Technology

Life Amongst Nature

Our site covers around 13 hectares (30 acres) of which approximately half is within the development zone, shown here.

Over 80% of the development zone remains natural, providing a balanced eco-system as well as privacy for the guests.

Notre Dame de la Cabane

The former Abbey creates the home for the hotel and 16 apartments, along with restaurant, spa, fitness centre and clinic. 

Within the grounds we will have a mixture of 2 & 3 bedroom villas; villa suites and lakeside lodges. 

Sothys of Paris

At the heart of the Sothys skin care programs are the Intensive Treatments. Each cutting-edge, professional-only treatment utilizes the latest bio-technology to offer cosmeceutical-grade solutions second to none. 

Furthermore, clinical tests guarantee their effectiveness, results and customer satisfaction.  Each is designed to correct the signs of aging and transform the way skin should look and react, without invasive methods or down-time. Erase skin imperfections by changing the way your skin visibly ages

Immersive Wellness

Le Désir is a sanctuary where innovative experience inspire and inform your journey to transformative wellness. 

A journey that embraces the key elements of emotional, psychological and physical wellness.  A journey that takes you successfully through your personal goals... through a selection of fully immersive programs ranging from 7-28 days.

Exclusive Yet Affordable

For the privacy and security of our guests Le Desir is a members only resort. 

Whilst membership at Le Desir is more exclusive than buying a new Rolls Royce yet your investment in wellness and wellbeing is the equivalent of buying an Audi or BMW.

Unrivalled Experiences

From the moment your start your Le Désir journey and for a year after your stay the entire team are committed to ensuring a truly memorable and positive experience. 

A friendly yet highly experienced and professional team, supported by advanced technology will be there to support you, assist you and to ensure that your stay is totally stress free.

At a Glance

Earth Covered Villas

Late 2018 we will releasing details of the 9 eco garden villas for sale. Each villa will be 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and offer spacious living accommodation. Prices start to  around €750,000

Natural Surroundings

Working within our ethos of protecting and even enhancing the natural surroundings we will be creating a diverse range of eco systems. 

Green Roof Villas

Adjacent to the lower lake  will be 20 stylish green roof lodges. Each spacious, elegantly furnished  lodge that will directly overlook the lake and the water gardens.


The seasonal bistro provides the perfect location for leisurely drinks, a healthy lunch or maybe even the occasional roast.

Indoor Pool Complex

Set alongside the woods and just a short distance from the spa is our wet-zone -  a purpose built centre for relaxation and pleasure.

Space To Be Yourself

Whether you want to top up your all-over tan or simply get away from everything, Le Desir offers you the perfect location.

A Touch of Green Magic

This gives you an idea of just how magical our eco villas will be... If you want one you can reserve the plot today.  But don't delay!